Get Lost in the World of Roblox Now!

If you do not already have have the Roblox application for mobile devices you need download it. The app itself is free to download, but once installed certain items require being purchased. The game is probably one of the funnest I have ever played. Play it with your children, and enjoy some bonding time with them! Technically, it is a multi-player gaming format but you could consider it an open world. As of right now there are over one thousand sub-games within the Roblox world. This goes without saying you will never get bored. Members of the community are known as Robloxians. They are really a clan of their own, and have a bunch of Youtube Channels dedicated just to the game. Here is a list of the top 5 most popular Roblox games right now.

1. RoCitizens Nurse Job

roblox ro citizens nurse game

Since it’s creation in 2013 the Nurse Job Roblox Game has had over thirty-eight million visits. This world is extremely diverse, and gives you the ability to really take control. At the time this article was written there was over ten thousand people playing. This is very impressive. The premise of this map is to start out in a new city just with clothes and a bit of money. Everything is up to you. Will you become a lawyer, a doctor, and now with the recent update a nurse! Traverse around the ICU unit and collect all the new special items in the game.

2. Phantom Forces 4th of July

roblox phantom forces


Some of the best Roblox games are those that involve block combat. This holiday update has pretty smooth game-play. Some new World War II weapons have recently been added so be sure to check those out. If you are having trouble affording some of the items check out our recent review on How to Get Free Robux.

3. Life in Paradise

roblox life in paradise


This game is a really great for the whole family. Life in Paradise has a dance mode that is a ton of fun. Works particularly well with your X-Box and a monster television. Play the roles of whoever you want. Spend hours making new friends with thousands of active users 24 hours a day. There are great cars to be found, and a really fancy night club to get down in!

4. Roblox High School

roblox high school


Weather you are in high school, graduated, or still moving up in grades this is a fun time. This world is set in a small town type of life. The coolest part is you have the option to not only be a student, but even the principal! Socialize with people, make friends with the hot girls, and move up in the ladder. Take your character to the mall and just hang out. You could easily spend hours playing this game improving your character. Personally, we prefer the hipster.

5. Lumber Tycoon 2

Roblox lumber tycoon 2


Although this game has several bugs still, it is fantastic as far as graphics go. It has a type of Jurassic Park type of feel to it. With more than forty-three million visits this is an excellent choice for an Adventure genre. Drive trucks around the base while you tend to dinosaurs. The creator is always open to reports and suggestions so feel free contacting him!

While this is only a list of the Top 5 Roblox Games, there is thousands you can choose from at anytime. We would also highly recommend Treehouse Tycoon, The Plaza, and Murder Mystery 2.