NicsterV’s channel is well-known in the Youtube world when it comes to Roblox and posting ways on how to get free robux. With almost 200,00 subscribers he has been making videos for several years claiming he will soon have enough bux to get the infamous Dominus Mesor hat. His newest video posted in January claims he has a successful way to build up to a quarter million. The method will need some investment, such as acquiring Builder’s Club Membership. You can pay annually or monthly for Classic ($5.95), Turbo ($11.95), and the Outrageous ($19.95). With Classic, you get fifteen R$15 a day, so after only 10 days you have 150. Once you have this membership you can get limited items and them re-sell them. Visit the How To Sell Items on Roblox for all the information you need for selling. Basically, all the video instructs you to do is flip items that you get from BC, weather they go up in price or not, because they are limited and people that don’t pay monthly cannot get them! Everything is pretty straight-forward, and most people already know about this so I wouldn’t waste your time watching this one. It drags on for awhile just to make the video longer, when he could get to the point much faster. He even mentions tickets being in the game when they were officially removed from Roblox this year.

  • Video-Rating: 2/5


I didn’t expect much coming into this video honestly. This guy usually has deceiving titles, and again he doesn’t fail to deliver. There is much easier ways to get a lot of robux in your account, and this one is certainly not the best option. For one, it requires you to initially invest money, only to have to wait forever while your R$ build and build up. If you are looking for a quicker solution I would look at my other reviewed methods and glitches.