Review of the Online Roblox Cheat Engine 6.5.1

Did We Get Our Free Robux?

In one word, yes, we got our free robux using a hack we recently tested over a one week period. The tool itself is very self-explanatory, and is uploaded to an online environment so there is no need to download any software such as a DLL injector. Once the site is loaded you start by entering your username or e-mail address associated with the account you want to increase currency. You then select the platform you would like to create a connection with (Android, X-Box, Windows, Etc.), although we found this option did not really matter what you choose possibly because the game is available for all of them. Once your are logged in you can then start the process of ‘generating’ or adding your desired amount of robux to your member account. We found that the correlation between what you select and what you actually receive is about 80% accurate, which is an incredibly high number. From here the time really varies on how long everything will take to process. During all our testing, we had success as quick as about 10 minutes, while other attempts took several hours. We can only guess this has something to do with how busy their servers are at the time.

To begin using the online tool visit the webpage here: Roblox Cheat Engine 6.5.1

note: does NOT own this webpage nor did it contribute to it’s development. If you have any questions please contact the owner, this is just a review.


At first, some frustration was setting in as we attempted to use the cheat several times to no avail. To prevent abuse, the online tool uses a captcha system in order to fully process all requests. We soon realized the problem we were having is trying to use invalid or false information such as a E-mail address to pass the verification. It is just speculation, but we believe any information you input is cross-referenced with online databases and programs to check if what you provide is in fact genuine. So before you even attempt to use the cheat engine do not try entering for example For one, it would be fairly easy to see that is not even an active domain therefor could not have an e-mail address attached to it. After the full seven days of testing we ended up accumulating just short of a quarter million (220,xxx) robux!

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We tested on several roblox accounts, some with bc membership, and some without. The results were the same weather or not you are a paid member. It has since been almost one month and NONE of the accounts we used have been banned, which was our main concern. Sure we could get the robux, but how long would it even last, and would we even be able to spend them on anything. As time passes we will keep our site updated if any major concerns shall arise.


Quick Summary of Testing

  • We really enjoyed the online environment, not requiring any shady downloads.
  • This new version of cheat engine was recently released in May
  • All devices including tablet, mobile, and computer had successful attempts.
  • We found it sometimes necessary to restart your game after using the cheat.
  • Amazingly easy to use interface, very straight-forward.


Youtube Roblox Videos

How To Get FREE Robux on ROBLOX! 2016

I’m sure all of you have seen these videos on Youtube or Vimeo claiming they will show you how to get free robux on roblox. I would encourage everyone to not even bother wasting your time with these uploads. They all have the same recycled information mainly around the method of re-selling items you buy for a cheaper price to make a profit. If you are investing money in a membership like Builder’s Club then are you really getting anything for free? No, you are not. These videos are basically click bait used to augment their likes and subscribers. Almost every title is the same “ROBLOX – How To Get FREE Robux on ROBLOX (2016)” with just a slight variance. To accomplish anything that a video like this suggests you have to first investment some cash and then eat up a bunch of your time basically waiting for the item price to fluctuate.


About Roblox:

Roblox About Appcheatsonline

Roblox is based around the open-world format of gaming. This is one of the most popular formats, especially among younger players, giving them the ability to roam or play freely with little to no constraint. The game-play is constant, so there is no need for loading screens, just consistent interacting with other players from all around the world in real-time. You start with a character who you can develop by changing clothes, buying items for them, working, and collecting the virtual currency Robux. The appeal of this type of gaming freedom is obvious, it gives players an alternate reality where they can make friends in the safety of their home. The age base for the game is typically no older than a high school senior, and as young as a 4 year old kindergartner. MMO or massively multiplayer online games like this allows people to create groups or clans within the game where they can get together and ‘play’ like children would once do outside with sports for example. Those who are socially awkward or have trouble making friends may find this a perfect fit to gain some confidence, even though it is over a computer screen. Roblox has recently been placed on video game consoles like X-Box which has expanded the worlds greatly, but people can still play traditionally on a PC / MAC or a smartphone. As it stands today, Roblox is bar far the biggest and number gaming gaming site for children. Since people can create their own games and make their own rules the world of Roblox will always keep evolving.