With Roblox being by far one of the most popular games today, should parents be worried about what their children are doing in this virtual world? Today we will be taking a look at how safe the games is by breaking things up into categories. First question being, how old should someone at least be playing Roblox? This can answer many questions in itself just by setting a general number. While some of you may not agree with the number we chose, this is merely our personal opinion after doing a review. Here are the classes we selected:

Social Interaction:

We found that kids playing in an open world like this is great for confidence, and evokes mainly positive interaction among the children. While player’s are able to critique, most of what we saw was construction (see the Roblox forum).

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PG-13 Check:

What this means basically is does this game have any nudity, violence, sex, or foul language? The answer is no to all four. While in some worlds there are weapons, most of them are very cartoon-like. These have no realistic violence attached with them. We also checked if the game in anyway promotes drugs or drinking. We found there was no drug-related messages or content involved in the game. Thumbs up!


Use of Money (Vistual Currency):

Roblox Robux Card Appcheatsonline

Some parents may believe teaching children the use of money at an early age like basic economics is bad. We at ACH tend to disagree. A kid can never be to young to start to get a good understanding of basic economics. After all, the world runs on cashola. It is important, on the other hand, to not let your child run crazy with your credit card buying robux. If you have a Builder’s Club Membership, it can be possible to buy special items at a low price and sell them for a bit higher to make a profit. Sounds great!


As a Whole:

With new games being created every day by developers, kids really have an endless supply of sub-games for Roblox. These can be challenging in different ways teaching them real-world experience, such as the Work at a Pizza Place. This game has a premise of starting low on the chain of command and work your way up through a Pizza company. it promotes with hard work you can achievement a great life. For this reason, we give the game an engagement level on 8/10. Designing new games, buying clothes or other items gives the player a great learning experience. Although the instructions are not always clear, what’s wrong with a little problem solving? A massive blog and forum on the Roblox main site offers all kinds of support and answers to all the questions you may have. You can literally find what you need in minutes with a simple search!


Minimum Age:

Well, I guess it is time to answer the million dollar question and put a label on this. We at AppCheatOnline believe your child should be around 8 years of age to be playing Roblox. This is a much lower number than most parents would suggest.